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Opel/Vauxhall VCI

SKU: EL-52100-OV

The item can not be ordered at the moment, due to delivery delay of components.

The Next Generation Global Diagnostic Interface Tool

NEW OPEL/Vauxhall Compact Communication Module with Increased Processing Power and Security

Replacement of old MDI 1
The MDI 1 introduced from 2007 till 2016 will not support future PSA models.
The new OPEL/Vauxhall-VCI will not only support future PSA models but is also SAE J2534 and ISO-22900 compliant.
The OPEL/Vauxhall-VCI can also be used for pass-Thru programming on all Opel/Vauxhall vehicles built since 1996.
The OPEL/Vauxhall-VCI communication module has increased processing power and security that manages the transfer of data between a vehicle’s onboard ECU
network with an auxiliary CAN bus.
If you only have an MDI 1 you will need to buy an OPEL/Vauxhall-VCI to meet future models coverage of PSA platforms.

Current GM MDI 2
You can continue to use the GM MDI2.
The current MDI 2 is being replaced with the new OPEL/Vauxhall-VCI.
Features of the two systems are similar. However, the GM MDI 2 is not in-line with the OPEL/Vauxhall branding. Replacement of the MDI 2 is currently not necessary from functional aspect. However, we suggest the purchase of the new VCI to appropriately align with the OPEL/Vauxhall brand.


  • Wireless Connection
    Point-to-Point — does not require an Access Point, or IT support.
    Simple plug and play configuration.
    Upgraded wireless protocol support (includes 802.11bgn). Improved Protection from Ground Offset Failures.
  • USB Connection
    Improved USB Performance (Faster Firmware downloads).
    Reinforced USB Connector and Connector Housing (More robust design).
    Device Powered Through USB — No AC Adaptor Required.
  • Operation During Engine Crank
    Super-Caps provide improved stability during engine crank — no batteries to leak or replace.
  • Extended Temperature Range
    Industrial components extend operating temperature range. Automatic power down if over temperature detected.
  • Enclosure Design
    Improved enclosure design to protect from exposure to fluids and drops.
  • Vehicle Communication Protocol Coverage
    Additional Vehicle Communications protocols — includes protocols for upcoming PSA models with faster data busses. SAE J2534 and ISO-22900 compliant.
  • DLC cable
    Longer DLC Cable (2 meters) with twisted pair wire for PSA models.
  • State-of-the-Art Security
    External hacking and device counterfeiting protection through advance security techniques and code.
  • New Hardware Expansion Capabilities
    Two host USB expansion ports for future peripherals.
    SD Memory Card slot for future software applications.
    Programmable function buttons for future software features and applications.

► Multilingual support hotline for hardware problems and questions
► Exchange process (within the warranty period) when your hardware develops a fault, reducing downtime
► 3 year supplier warranty