2016-05-12 11.15.18
Introducing MDI 2 – The Next Generation Global Diagnostic Interface Tool
Getac S400 + MDI2 offer until 31/10/2016

TPMS Valve Installer Kit – offer until 30/11/2016


The TPMS valve installation tool kit consists of:

TPMS installation tool
This mounting tool has been specially developed for the correct installation of TPMS sensors.
Adjustable torque screwdriver set (1.2 – 3.0 Nm)
The tool consists of three parts:
• Counter torque wrench (2)
• Screwdriver bit TX10 (3)
• Torque screwdriver (4)
Suitable for bits with 1/4“-outer hexagonal drive for the mounting of sensors to the tyre valve
Torque spanner, tyre valve (0.45 Nm) (5)
This tool is used for the correct tightening of the tyre valve barrel with the necessary tightening torque.

Warranty: 1 year

Tool description:
TPMS installation tool:
The metal handle is more robust and durable than comparable plastic handles. The fitted block improves the approach angle and thereby reduces the amount of power required. The danger of damaging the sensor is thus minimised. This two-sided block provides the ideal surface for both aluminium as well as steel rims. The soft, rubberised side (for alloy wheels) provides good stability without scratching the rim. The hard side (for steel rims) has multiple grooves that ensure the exact approach angle.
Adjustable torque screwdriver set (1.2 – 3.0 Nm)
This tool is used for the professional mounting of tyre pressure sensors (TPMS sensor) to tyre valves. By means of the torque screwdriver, the necessary tightening torque of the TPMS-sensor screw can be maintained in order to prevent damage to the screw and sensor and ensure a safe screw connection and sealing. The counter torque wrench prevents a twisting of the valve during the tensioning of the torque.
Torque spanner, tyre valve (0.45 Nm)
In order to ensure the proper mounting of the tyre valve barrels, this tool must be used with a preset torque. In this way damage can be prevented and the functional safety can be ensured.

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